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Teen Camp

Teen Camp Castaway

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Not Available in 2018

TCX seeks to use a teen’s natural affinity for beaches, the marine environment and outdoor adventure to create in them appreciable awareness of nature and environmental challenges, confidence in themselves and their ability to make a difference and the mutual benefits associated with working as a team. “Camp Castaway” is an extraordinary opportunity for teens to escape the every day pressures and temptation of urban life to discover an island paradise. Catalina Island offers infinite avenues of exploration, personal challenge and intellectual growth. While at Camp Castaway, teens will participate in sophisticated workshop sessions that take full advantage of everything Catalina Island has to offer. For example, they may be exploring remote coves with a kayak in the morning, and snorkeling through a giant kelp forest in the afternoon. They will work as a team to build functioning rafts, negotiate obstacle courses, find their way to buried treasure and much, much more – all while celebrating the castaway tradition! Workshops include projects and activities in local history (including native peoples), survival, orienteering, oceanography, marine biology, island ecology and much more.

CostUnfortunately, we will not be offering Camp Castaway in 2018
Ages 13-17
Dates Check here later for 2019 dates

Youth Camp

Youth Camp Castaway

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Not Available in 2018

TCX seeks to build in youth appreciation for nature and the outdoors and enthusiastic support for its care and preservation by organizing and conducting a fun, challenging and informative experience on Catalina Island. The “Junior Camp Castaway” program is an outdoor educational and recreational experience for children ages 9-12. The program is designed to better acquaint participating youth with local history (including European explorers, smugglers, pirates, and the history of the native Tongva people), marine natural history, island ecology, geology and wilderness survival. Each subject of study is integrated into activity sessions crafted to engage young minds and encourage participation. The “castaway” theme threads its way through everything –sports, challenges, crafts, waterfront activities, exploratory hiking, even meal service – giving campers a sense of fabled adventure while they build a lasting relationship with Catalina Island, its history and its remarkable ecosystem.

CostUnfortunately, we will not be offering Camp Castaway in 2018
Ages 9-12
DatesCheck here later for 2019 dates

Family Camp

Family Camp

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August 31-September 3, 2018

Looking for a different type of family vacation? Join the family membership program and visit anytime you like, or attend our popular family camp event. Choices for activities are expanded this year, both for adults and children. Do everything (kayak, snorkel, hiking, scavenger hunts), or just do nothing but lay on the beach! Keep your family together and see Catalina in a whole new way. Be sure to note that we have added an extra day for the Labor Day Weekend event (Friday). Sign up today!

Cost$315/person, $160 per child age 2-5, infants under 2 are free. Minimum 2 persons at full price and 2 at child’s rate per 8-man tent (If not using an 8-man tent, no minimums apply)
Dates August 31-September 3, 2018


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At the Catalina Experience, we believe that every summer in a young person’s life is an opportunity to slow down, open up and explore. We provide experiences that nourish body and spirit, and in doing so, allow them to connect with nature and discover more about who they are.