Our Story


Our Story

The Catalina Experience™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to making your experience on Catalina Island one of fun, excitement and adventure. Our mission is to create awareness of our local marine environment and of the critical habitat found on Catalina Island. Through our unique, hands-on approach, camp participants learn and enjoy a rustic resort style atmosphere found nowhere else in Southern California.

Our senior staff, with a combined outdoor education experience of more than forty years, have come together to make The Catalina Experience™ a safe, fun, educational and exciting destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the real Catalina Island. TCX has many fresh faces, too, including people from all walks of life, each with a unique talent that compliments and contributes to your experience. TCX also partners with other organizations to compliment your visit and our mission. We bring together yacht clubs, conservation organizations, schools and colleges, community development organizations, scout groups and much, much more to maximize the potential of your Catalina Experience™.

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The Catalina Experience™
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At the Catalina Experience, we believe that every summer in a young person’s life is an opportunity to slow down, open up and explore. We provide experiences that nourish body and spirit, and in doing so, allow them to connect with nature and discover more about who they are.