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Goodbye, Camp Castaway, we love you!

goodbye Yesterday at about 3:30 pm, our campers departed White’s Landing to head over to Long Beach and go home. I think most of them had mixed feelings: they loved camp, but they missed many things about home (parents, pets, McDonald’s, x-boxes). Here at camp, we (and especially me) are having mixed feelings as well: we are welcoming the chance to rest, but mostly, we already miss the campers. We had an especially wonderful group this year, new and seasoned Castaway-ers alike.

I overheard one camper say this before he boarded the boat: “I was reluctant to come, but now I don’t want to leave.” I love that Camp Castaway and the overall magic of Catalina Island can change people in that way in just one week. It is a small reflection of how the camp and the island have changed me in my time here. It is truly a connection that can never be broken, no matter how far away we go.

I hope to return for Camp Castaway 2013, because like many who have been or worked here before, once summer rolls back around I’ll be pining for the sunshine, float jumps, and nights around the campfire. I hope our 2012 campers feel the same way, and that I’ll get to see all their faces again. They certainly haven’t seen the last of mine here at White’s Landing.


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