Frequently Asked Questions

What types of groups can come to your camp?

We can accommodate just about any type of group, from schools and churches to scouts and YMCA and even reunions. We also welcome professional events and corporate retreats for day trips, extended weekends or longer.

What time of the year is your camp open?

Our camping season goes from mid-March until about mid-November.

Are we able to customize our Catalina Experience or is it the same program for each group?

Every group will have a unique experience and we are able to accommodate most needs. Your event can be as educational or laid back as you would like. We have very qualified counselors and instructors that can teach groups in depth about many areas in ecology and geology in a fun and interactive atmosphere. If breathing space and relaxing are priorities, we have many options for you as well.

My child or group has dietary needs and/or restrictions, how can your camp accommodate him/her?

Our kitchen is well-equipped to cater to many types of dietary needs. We are a nut-free camp year round to help avoid any peanut allergies. We can accommodate lactose, vegan, and gluten free dietary needs. Some visitors have requirements beyond these and we welcome any phone calls directly to our chef to discuss any further needs. If needed, visitors can bring their own food from home and our kitchen staff will be happy to prepare it.

How do we get to your camp?

We charter boats that come directly from Long Beach to Catalina Island. Some groups choose to be bussed to the boat terminal in Long Beach. If you are driving yourself, parking is available (with a parking fee).

What happens if it rains while we’re there? What activities will we do?

Catalina has a mild Mediterranean climate and is temperate for most of the year. Moderate rainfall does occur about 9% of the time between mid November and mid March, otherwise light rainfall does occur on average of 14% from October to April. We keep an eye on the forecast to schedule outdoor activities for the best weather and indoor activities for when rain is expected.

What happens if a visitor becomes ill while at the camp?

We have a well-stocked infirmary and as long as it is a minor illness, we have no problem working with the group chaperones and/or the child’s parents to help in any way we can. For under age visitors, we do keep over the counter medication in stock for occasions when the parents allow the child to take it. If there is any type of complication we can assist in getting the visitor into Avalon for hospital treatment.

What happens if a visitor gets injured while at the camp?

We take every precaution possible to prevent injuries. We do not push visitors into any situation they are not comfortable in. However, we cannot control every detail and occasionally an injury will occur. The vast majority of the time it is a scuffed knee or a splinter. All of our counselors are first aid, life guard, and CPR certified each year and are very capable of handling most situations. If there is ever a question of the child’s health, we will immediately call in EMS to get the visitor to the hospital a short distance away in Avalon.

Will I be able to have contact with my child while they are at camp?

We generally encourage parents to let their child make their own experiences while here at camp. There will be times when either the child or the parent becomes homesick for the other and a phone call is always allowed. If there is ever a time when parents need to contact their child they can either call the group chaperones or our camp directly at 310-510-2402. Parents can also send letters with the chaperones to be given to the campers as the week goes on. We do not make daily trips into town to collect mail so if you mail your letters your child might not receive them while they are with us.

What kind of food can we expect while we are at camp?

We like to think that our food is at the center of the camping experience. We serve a variety of healthy and delicious meals that remind our guests of being at home. Everything is made from scratch here in our kitchen. Since we serve a wide variety of visitors in many age ranges, we try to not serve meals that are intimidating overwhelming. We can of course accommodate special dining requests if made in advance. We also always have a vegetarian or vegan meal option at each meal for anyone requesting one.

A typical days’ menu could be: Breakfast: Pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, hot oatmeal, fruit and cereal Lunch: Home made pizza, potato salad, fruit and salad Dinner: Chicken pot pie, Corn, Mashed potatoes, salad and dessert

We make sure to get each camper one big plate first and then see if anyone would like seconds (or thirds!). There is always plenty of food to go around so nobody goes hungry.

Still more questions?

Please don’t hesitate to call (310) 510-2402 or contact us us with any additional questions or comments you might have before you book your next visit.

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