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The Catalina Experience™ takes you to White’s Landing — gateway to Catalina’s interior and positioned on the island’s most expansive beach. Included on our considerable acreage of pristine Southern California property are basketball courts, beach volleyball courts, large sports field for soccer and softball, and road access to the island’s interior. Our newly renovated dining hall and outdoor eating area is decorated with a Baja flair to give campers that “south of the border” feel.

In 2006, we built brand new tent cabins with the highest quality framed tent enclosures atop platforms that are positioned above the ground and include a front deck with installed bench railings. Each tent houses 8 visitors in comfortable bunk accommodations. The tents do not have electricity, we suggest our visitors bring battery powered lanterns or flashlights. Upgrades to small cottages are also available. These 2-person, beachfront cottages have lighting and electricity. Restrooms with electricity and hot showers as well as laundry facilities are centrally located near each tent cabin area.

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The Catalina Experience™
6289 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.
Long Beach, CA 90803

At the Catalina Experience, we believe that every summer in a young person’s life is an opportunity to slow down, open up and explore. We provide experiences that nourish body and spirit, and in doing so, allow them to connect with nature and discover more about who they are.