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Eugene Anderson

Managing Director

Eugene began his career in oceanography in 1985 as a naturalist aboard the research vessel Conqueror at what was known as Newport Institute of Oceanography. Conqueror soon became the premier oceanography and marine biology education platform for Long Beach Marine Institute, where Eugene became the program director in 1991.

As executive director of LBMI, he has led a successful science program aboard LBMI education vessels and started the Catalina Island Marine Science Camp at Campus by the Sea on Catalina Island.

Eugene’s interest in the island began as a Boy Scout with a visit to Cherry Valley Scout Camp in 1978, and he has been fascinated with marine life and Catalina Island ever since. His love and enthusiasm for the island and it’s natural history shines through as he presents special sessions for our White’s Landing guests. His main goal with The Catalina Experience is for visitors to develop the same kind of relationship with casinos in Delaware the island that he developed so many years ago, and for people to go home feeling a sense of wonder and appreciation for the complexity of nature and the beauty of one of Southern California’s last remaining wild places.

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