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Camp Castaway 2014 Kicks Off!

Summer camp is in full swing with the onset of Camp Castaway 2014! This is the 9th summer The Catalina Experience has been offering it’s own style of island fun for youth and teens. Over 100 kids set out on Sunday, July 20 for the 7-day adventure of a lifetime. Stay updated on all that’s […]

South Swell Interrupts Summer Event

They say, “it’s a small word”—well, there is some truth behind the saying. A tropical storm, originating near the Pitcairn Islands in the Southern Pacific, created some 50ft waves during its peak strength on June 29th, 2014. The storm gained its status within 24 hours after its first appearance as a Tropical Depression Four-E. The […]

The Three-Day Catalina (Life!) Experience

I’m the guy they call “boss” at Whites Landing. (Although, truth be told, it is the hard-working staffers at the camp who are the real boss.) I got a call a few days prior to my visit to Whites from our program director, and she informed me that we would be short-handed this week and […]

Exploring Tide Pools at Whites Landing

Students from Westchester Lutheran came to White’s Landing for a five day visit, and they were a blast to teach! They participated in many educational workshops and recreational activities. One of the educational workshops included learning about the coastal life here on Catalina. This workshop includes a short kayak trip and a visit to the […]

A Rare Adventure with Visions Day School

Visions Day School teens had a rare opportunity to take kayaks to a beautiful spot on the Catalina coast — Long Point beach. Long Point is an outcropping about a mile away from White’s Landing and is an exciting landmark geologically because it is the longest and widest point on the entire island. All the […]

A Great Start for the 2014 Season

It was an exciting weekend here at TCX! Dixie State University, the first group of our 2014 season, came out for a visit all the way from Utah. These Environmental Science students were able to go snorkeling and kayaking, as well as help us launch an exciting new addition to our Cove at Night workshop. […]

Celebrating Labor Day Weekend with Family Camp

Family Camp 2013 has been a blast! Many families at TCX joined us for some fun in the sun and one last hurrah before summer ends. The families participated in lots of kayaking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding along with plenty of hikes and activities on land. What this article a great way to end the […]

We’ve reconditioned the floating dock

It took a 7-man crew 10 days and $5,000 in materials to make our storm damaged float like new for 2013. The Catalina Experience staff did an amazing job stripping the old lumber and bolts, painting the frame, installing a new floatation pontoon and resurfacing the entire 54′ floating dock with new lumber and hardware. […]

Goodbye, Camp Castaway, we love you!

Yesterday at about 3:30 pm, our campers departed White’s Landing to head over to Long Beach and go home. I think most of them had mixed feelings: they loved camp, but they missed many things about home (parents, pets, McDonald’s, x-boxes). Here at camp, we (and especially me) are having mixed feelings as well: we […]

Blackjack Overnight

Last night, the teen campers slept out at Blackjack Campground.  At a height of over 2100 feet, Mt. Blackjack is the second tallest peak on the island (those of you who have been to White’s will know it as the peak with the radio tower on top).  The campground is not quite at the apex, […]

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