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Eugene Anderson

Managing Director Eugene began his career in oceanography in 1985 as a naturalist aboard the research vessel Conqueror at what was known as Newport Institute of Oceanography. Conqueror soon became the premier oceanography and marine biology education platform for Long Beach Marine Institute, where Eugene became the program director in 1991. As executive director of […]

Celebrating Labor Day Weekend with Family Camp

Family Camp 2013 has been a blast! Many families at TCX joined us for some fun in the sun and one last hurrah before summer ends. The families participated in lots of kayaking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding along with plenty of hikes and activities on land. What this article a great way to end the […]

Happy Independence Day

All of us at TCX had a great time today celebrating the 4th of July with KODA summer camp who are here for their second summer. We all celebrated with lots of BBQ and a kayak parade celebration that took KODA campers around our cove on kayaks that they decorated with tons of red, white, […]

Hello, Summer!

This past weekend the last school group of the Spring 2013 season visited White’s Landing for some marine biology education and fun in the sun. These middle school students did an excellent job snorkeling and kayaking all weekend long. Some even braved a night snorkel! Here are some Lawrence Magnet students learning about “Life in […]

Our pier is getting some TLC

This week, campers visiting with San Clemente LDS are undertaking a service project to repaint the White’s Landing pier. All of us at TCX appreciate all of their hard work and their time. It looks great, ladies!

We’ve reconditioned the floating dock

It took a 7-man crew 10 days and $5,000 in materials to make our storm damaged float like new for 2013. The Catalina Experience staff did an amazing job stripping the old lumber and bolts, painting the frame, installing a new floatation pontoon and resurfacing the entire 54′ floating dock with new lumber and hardware. […]

Goodbye, Camp Castaway, we love you!

Yesterday at about 3:30 pm, our campers departed White’s Landing to head over to Long Beach and go home. I think most of them had mixed feelings: they loved camp, but they missed many things about home (parents, pets, McDonald’s, x-boxes). Here at camp, we (and especially me) are having mixed feelings as well: we […]

Youth Camp’s Catalina Cooking Class

Who knew that I was such a good cook?!?! We made bread, sorbet, and lemonade; but all of our recipes used plants that we collected from the around the island.  For our bread, we cut up pieces of black sage we picked.  Then, Jason from the kitchen taught us how to make black sage bread. […]

Blackjack Overnight

Last night, the teen campers slept out at Blackjack Campground.  At a height of over 2100 feet, Mt. Blackjack is the second tallest peak on the island (those of you who have been to White’s will know it as the peak with the radio tower on top).  The campground is not quite at the apex, […]

3rd Annual TCX Raft Regatta

What would Camp Castaway be without a “castaway” scenario?  This morning, our teen campers particpated in TCX’s 3rd annual Raft Regatta!  Campers imagined they were stranded on the island with limited supplies.  They had to work as teams to build a functional raft that they could float around a course in our cove.  Points were […]

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