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A Rare Adventure with Visions Day School

longpointbeach Visions Day School teens had a rare opportunity to take kayaks to a beautiful spot on the Catalina coast — Long Point beach. Long Point is an outcropping about a mile away from White’s Landing and is an exciting landmark geologically because it is the longest and widest point on the entire island. All the Visions students were rewarded for this two-mile paddle with a swim in the crystal clear water at this secluded beach that very few people get to visit. Because of Long Point’s orientation to the coast and rocky metamorphic structure, it makes it an ideal place for diving, snorkeling, and enjoying schools of fish, like Blacksmith and Garibaldi, from above the water by kayak. Beaches like Long Point are especially rare and unique because they can only be accessed by kayak. This makes them a pristine, untouched example of how a beach unaffected by people looks; a rare thing in today’s world! Everyone agreed on how amazing this spot was. It was a fun and rewarding trip!

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