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3rd Annual TCX Raft Regatta

raft01 What would Camp Castaway be without a “castaway” scenario?  This morning, our teen campers particpated in TCX’s 3rd annual Raft Regatta!  Campers imagined they were stranded on the island with limited supplies.  They had to work as teams to build a functional raft that they could float around a course in our cove.  Points were awarded for speed, manner of moving through the water, catching a fish, and best boat name! raft02 It was a close race, and in the end it came down to a hotly debated fish catching incident (did he pull the fish out of the water?  It’s hard to tell when the “fishing rods” are actually hookless).  However, it was finally agreed upon that the victory went to the “Knot for Sail.”  And for their prize: free ice cream from the camp store!  All the boats were wonderful though, and every camper should be proud of themselves for constructing such incredible life rafts.   Great job, Castaways! -Anna
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